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After more than a decade of research and product development, Presto Restoration Products, Inc. has worked through every possible cause of metal staining, and has created a complete line of products to not only attack the problem, but prevent it from reoccurring.


A building’s metal surfaces, like window frames or aluminum composite panels, can develop the same unsightly stains that glass and stone can develop. Detergent and other environmental grime collects on the frames, contributing to a high concentration of contamination. Often, window frames have many years of buildup that needs to be removed; since frames are usually not cleaned on a regular basis, as are windows. Some of the factors that contribute to metal staining are:
  • Buildup of surfactants (soap scum) and oils from sticky window cleaning detergents that attract dust and dirt
  • Use of high mineral content tap water during window cleaning
  • Contact with high mineral content water through sprinkler systems
  • Overspray from waterproofing and painting projects
  • Leaching of deteriorating caulking or coatings
  • Leaching of contaminates from adjacent rusting metals
  • Leaching of failed UV-sensitive, water-repellant performance treatments


Many companies solve metal staining problems by using abrasive techniques that scratch the metal, and/or harsh acid products that leave burns on the metal and surrounding surfaces, creating a hazed look.

Acidic products that have hydrofluoric acid can be harmful to both employees and structures since they are normally washed down the sides of the building, damaging glass and precast surfaces. After over a decade of research, Presto has developed methods that effectively remove stains, and repair damage without leaving any scratches or burns, yet still leave metal highly polished distortion-free.


Metal surfaces require the same amount of attention and maintenance as glass surfaces. The majority of window frames on commercial, high-rise buildings are made from anodized aluminum or stainless steel.
It is critical to select the right combination of products to protect the environment, and maintain the exterior beauty of your building. Presto has designed Green Synergy products to work synergistically and protect the environment.


Metal ReSurfacer?: Completely restores metal and anodized aluminum frames to their natural sheen without removing or damaging the protective coating.

EnviRestore? Metal Stain Remover:?Designed to safely and efficiently remove stains from anodized aluminum and aluminum composite materials while simultaneously installing temporary surface protection.


Metal Protector?: Protective coating for metal and anodized aluminum surfaces that resists stains caused by mineral deposits and other environmental contaminants for up to 10 years.

Presto’s Metal ReSurfacer uses no
?harsh abrasives or acids, completely
removes stains from metal surfaces?
without leaving any scratches or burns,
yet still leaves the metal highly
polished and distortion-free.

Presto’s Metal Protector, applied to?
a metal surface, protects the metal, forcing water to bead up and run off the surface.
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Jan 7, 2010, 5:29 PM