Glass Defender HD

Glass Defender HD (Heavy Duty) is a proprietary blend of high performance, partially inorganic polymers. This product provides an invisible coating that protects plate or tempered glass surfaces for 10 years against most types of stains and minor scratching. At a microscopic level product cures to a hard rubberized coating.

This invisible coating is warranted by a 10 year warranty.

Glass Defender HD will also help to protect glass from stains resulting from adjacent oil-laden stone, such as precast that has been sealed with organic water repellents (i.e. 40% silane).

Also see Glass Defender MD


  • Specifically designed for architectural glass surfaces
  • Protects glass from stage 1 and 2 corrosion, stains and water erosion
  • Helps reduce scratches
  • Provides the longest lasting glass protection available
  • Excellent beading capabilities
  • Invisible protection
  • Allows windows to be cleaned using only deionized water
  • Inorganic polymers resist aging
  • Won’t fade, crack or peel
  • Helps to prevent costly restoration


The Glass Defender Series is designed for all glass surfaces including plate or tempered glass. This product is not suitable for use in areas where food may come in contact with the protected glass.


1,250 sq. ft. per quart; 5,000 sq. ft. per gallon


In order to maintain the glass after using the Glass Defender Series, clean only with deionized water 2-3 times annually.?Oily residues in typical surfactant based soaps and detergents attract, and glue, a variety of environmental contaminates to building surfaces, causing stains.

Glass Defender HD Product Info Chart
Water Based?? ??? ? No
Combustible Yes
User Friendly No
Economically Efficient Yes
Environmentally Friendly No
Color Clear
Smell Petroleum


Seen microscopically, the?surface of glass is extremely?porous and contains many?valleys in which stains form?deep roots in the glass surface.?The Glass Defender Series fills?in these crevices creating a?smooth, protected, plastic-like?surface. The series reacts with?minerals in the glass to form a?polymeric barrier against?environmental contaminants.

Glass Defender WB

(Water Based) is a proprietary blend of high-performance water based silicone nano polymers. It provides a coating that helps to protect glass surfaces for 3 to 5 years years against a variety of environmental stains.

Glass Defender MD

(Medium Duty) is a proprietary blend of high-performance silicone nano polymers. It pro-vides a coating that helps to protect glass surfaces for 5 years against a variety of environmental stains.

Glass Defender HD

(Heavy Duty) is a proprietary blend of high-performance silicone nano polymers. It provides a coating that helps to protect glass surfaces for 10 years against a variety of environmental stains.?


  • Gloves and goggles
  • Microfiber towels
  • Application sponge
  • Window cleaning bucket
  • Clean, dry window cleaning brush or squeegee


Protection performance?warranties are contingent upon?using either Presto’s?EnviRestore? Glass Stain?Remover or Glass?ReSurfacer? Final Polish to?prepare the glass surface?immediately prior to the?application of Glass Defender?products. Remove all dirt from?the surface. The level of?protection will be sacrificed if?all contaminants are not?removed prior to use. Be sure?to polish the glass surface with?a rag to remove all restoration?product residues. Do not use detergents on the?glass between the restoration?and the application of Glass?Defender products. Apply the?product immediately after the?glass restoration process has?been completed.


Use protective gear, and?prevent personal contact with?these products. Do not apply?this material to glass when?surface temperatures are?above 122°F or below freezing.??

Never apply this product with?an applicator that has been?used with other products or?solutions, and especially not?with soap or water. The?surface must be dry and clean?from all debris.?

Shake and mix product?vigorously. Apply Glass?Defender products with a spray?bottle or sponge. Use the?sponge to thoroughly work the?product into the surface of the?glass. Spread product in a?circular, over-lapping motion?to ensure product coats entire?surface. For best results,?thoroughly work the product?into the surface so that it?forms a cloudy film. Polish the?surface with a ?microfiber towel to remove?excess residue. A multi-step?fold process should be used for?best results. Fold the towel?into squares using a clean area?of the rag every couple of?minutes until excess material?has been removed. Leave as?much residue as possible while?achieving the desired level of?clarity. Material residue may?not be seen on the glass?unless viewed in direct?sunlight. Never attempt to?clean the residue with water or?any type of cleaning solution?for a period of 72 hours.

If a?second coat is required. The?second application should be?performed with a clean and dry?window cleaning brush and?squeegee. Use the window?cleaning brush to apply the?product. Before the material?dries on the glass, a dry?window cleaning squeegee can?be used to remove excess?material. If the material starts?to dry, add more product to?loosen the dry material for?easy removal with the?squeegee. This application?may eliminate the need for?polishing the window. Clean?excess residue from edges and?frames with a rag. When using?a squeegee to remove product,?carefully capture excess?material with the product?applicator. This technique?should only be attempted by?an experienced window cleaning?professional with advanced?squeegee skills. Also, this?process is only suitable for the?second application. Perform?subsequent applications?immediately after the first. If?area is not completely covered,?untreated areas may be?noticeable as the glass ages?and stains develop there.?

The product will start to cure?within 1 hour. The protective?coating will not fully cure for?72 hours. No liquids may come?into contact with the glass?during that time.?

Any wet rags that are laden?with material may be?flammable. Special precaution?should be taken to protect?these items from exposure to?an ignition source.


The information provided by?Presto for the safe and?effective use of this product,?and all of our products, is?believed to be good and?accurate. However, due to the?many different possible?applications of this product,?careful considerations should?be made when selecting its?suitability for each surface.

The information provided?should never be substituted for?individual testing to ensure the?product’s compatibility with?each surface intended for use.?The purchaser shall assume all?responsibility for determining?the suitability of this product.?When used as intended, this?product will perform as stated.?No other warranty can be?made for this product, verbally?or written.
Presto warrants this product to?be free from defects. In the?event this product is found to?be defective, we will provide a?sufficient amount of product to?replace the defective product.

Glass Defender HD: 10 years
Glass Defender MD: 5 years

The performance warranties of?this series are dependent on?three factors:
  • Combination of products?selected
  • Strict adherence to the?application instructions
  • Exposure to damaging?environmental conditions

?In normal conditions, these?products will last as stated. In?situations where the products?are exposed to excessive UV?rays, constant exposure to?water or harsh chemical?applications, reapplication may?be needed more frequently.?The length of time for which?the surface will remain?protected is directly related to?its amount of exposure to?damaging elements. It is the?responsibility of the purchaser?and/or the purchaser’s exterior?maintenance service provider,?to monitor protected surfaces?and determine the necessity of?reapplication. It should also be?considered that the glass on?different sides of a building will?age differently due to sunlight?exposure. Typically, the?coating on the north side of a?building will last longer than?the same coating on the south?side of the building and require?reapplication less frequently.?

This warranty states that when?this product is used in?accordance with the?application instructions set?forth in this document, and not?exposed to conditions outside?of the documented?Environmental Conditions Form?filled out prior to purchase,?and provided no harsh?chemicals or abrasives have?been used to damage or?abrade the protective coating,?the glass surface will be?protected from previously?identified stains that cannot be?removed with standard?cleaning procedures for a?period of 5 to 20 years.?

Length of warranty is to be?determined by Presto after?examination of the Environmental?Conditions Form.


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Glass Defender WB?=?3 to 5 Years

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