Glass ReSurfacer Stripper

Glass ReSurfacer Stripper is an acid-based solution used to remove heavy mineral staining prior to using the Glass ReSurfacer Final Polish. This is a liquid stripper that should be applied with a cloth applicator.?This product removes extremely difficult mineral stains such as silica, effectively reducing the amount of time necessary to achieve desired results when using Glass ReSurfacer Final Polish.


For use on both tempered and plate glass surfaces.


Following restoration, we recommend the application of Presto’s Glass Defender? Series to seal the glass, and preserve the newly restored finish for up to 20 years.



  • Only complete solution specifically designed for exterior high-rise glass restoration projects
  • Restores a severely stained window (6’ x 4’) in less than one hour
  • Extremely detailed application instructions
  • Works fast to decrease labor costs
  • Economical
  • Easily transportable; no cumbersome equipment
  • Repairs damage caused by failed glass restoration attempts
  • Removes scratches and virtually any imperfection from glass
  • Leaves no optical distortion
  • No harsh abrasives or chemicals in Glass ReSurfacer Final Polish
  • Produces a highly reflective finish on glass
  • Eliminates need for glass?replacement
Glass ReSurfacer Stripper Product Info Chart
Solvent Water Based
Flammable No
User Friendly No
Economically Efficient Yes
Environmentally Friendly No
Color Clear
Smell None


600 – 1,000 sq. ft. per qt.


  • Acid-resistant gloves
  • Chemical goggles, face mask
  • Access to clean water
  • Window cleaning bucket,?squeegee and brush
  • Presto's?microfiber towels


Inspect areas for tinting or?performance coatings that may?be damaged or removed?during the resurfacing process.?Clean all glass, frames,?gaskets or caulking joints to?remove any dirt or sand that?will scratch the glass.?

Always test?all products and combinations?of products in a small,?inconspicuous area in direct?sunlight prior to use. The?application of this product is?optional. While it has?performance benefits, the risk?associated with using a?strongly acidic product must?be carefully considered.?

This?procedure should only be?attempted by a highly?experienced restoration?technician trained in chemical?handling. Before using this?product, carefully read the?MSDS, product precautions?and application instructions.?Be careful not to allow this?product to come in contact?with the body, clothing or?safety equipment. ?Safety?goggles and gloves must be?used while handling this acidic?product.


It is better to apply this product to a cool window in the shade than to a hot window in direct sunlight. High heat will cause the acid to become more concentrated due to evaporation. Product may burn hot glass. Use Glass ReSurfacer Final Polish to remove haze or burns.

Apply product to windows?using a clean window cleaning?brush. Use caution so that?product is not allowed to drip?or run down the window onto adjacent building materials. Apply?just enough product to keep?the surface of the glass moist.?Consistently agitate the?surface of the glass with a?lightly damp applicator brush.?Allow product to remain on the?glass until desired amount of?mineral staining is removed.?The product should remain in a?liquid state on the glass for at?least 5 minutes, but no more?than 30 minutes.

To remove product from the?glass, use a squeegee while?holding the window cleaning?brush under it to catch excess?material. Use rags to soak up?any excess product. Once the?product is removed, use a?water hose or window cleaning?process to thoroughly rinse all?surfaces that have been?exposed. Carefully rinse tools?when finished, and dispose of?any used rags.

The glass will now be ready for?the Glass ReSurfacer Final?Polish process, which is?necessary to produce a highly?reflective finish on the glass.

Case Study: Heavily stained?windows that require 4 man-hours?to restore using Glass?ReSurfacer Final Polish have?been documented to take less?than 1 man-hour when Glass?ReSurfacer Stripper was?applied first.


  • There are over 160 types of?glass available today. Each?type of glass has slightly?different characteristics and?temperaments. This product?has been tested on most, but?not all, types of glass.

  • This product should never be?used on glass that has any?type of exterior high performance?coating (self cleaning?glass or tinting)?unless you wish to remove?the coating.

  • Take special precautions when?using any acidic product such?as Glass ReSurfacer Stripper.

  • When using Glass ReSurfacer?Stripper it is important not?to allow the product to come?into contact with any stone?material such as precast.?Stripper will clean the material?changing its appearance in?comparison to the rest of the?building.


The information provided by?Presto for the safe and?effective use of this product,?and all of our products, is?believed to be good and?accurate. However, due to the?many different possible?applications of this product,?careful considerations should?be made when selecting its?suitability for each surface.

The information provided?should never be substituted for?individual testing to ensure the?product’s compatibility with?each surface intended for use.?The purchaser shall assume all?responsibility for determining?the suitability of this product.?When used as intended, this?product will perform as stated.?No other warranty can be?made for this product, verbally?or written.
Presto warrants this product to?be free from defects. In the?event this product is found to?be defective, we will provide a?sufficient amount of product to?replace the defective product.



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