Metal Protector HD

Metal Protector HD installs an enhanced semi-gloss finish on metal and painted surfaces in addition to installing a protective barrier to protect?the finish of the?architectural?material against the damaging elements.


This product formulation contains high-performance acrylic designed to install durable, long-lasting protection to a variety of metal surfaces, including anodized aluminum, which is commonly found on window mullions, aluminum composite panels and painted or coated architectural surfaces.?

This product shields metal surfaces from water and oxygen, and helps prevent these elements from aiding in corrosion of the metal; thus preventing the need for frequent restoration. A barrier is created between contamination found in the environment and the metal surface, forcing stain-forming contaminants to settle on the polymeric coating. ?These contaminates are then easily cleaned during regular window cleaning maintenance services.?

This coating will last at least three to five years depending on individual environmental conditions, and the frequency of maintenance services performed on the substrate.

This product creates an enhanced finish on the?architectural?surface. For?invisible?protection use?Metal Protector MD.


  • Long lasting metal protection
  • Fights stains and corrosion
  • Cost-effective
  • Helps to prevent frequent costly restoration
  • Extremely damaged window mullions can be made to look new using Metal Protector HD
  • Allows metal to be cleaned using only deionized water


For use on a variety of metal surfaces including, but not limited to,?anodized aluminum, which is commonly found on window mullions, aluminum composite panels and painted or coated architectural surfaces.?


HD: 50 to 100 sq. ft. per quart.


  • Gloves and goggles
  • Absorbent microfiber or disposable towels
  • Application sponge roller or brush
  • Optional: HPLV Sprayer and?chemical respirator mask
Metal Protector HD Product Info Chart
Solvent Water Based
Flammable No
User Friendly No
Economically Efficient Yes
Environmentally Friendly Yes
Color Milky white dries crystal clear
Smell Unique


For best adhesion and protection, first restore surface with Metal ReSurfacer??. Preparation of the surface is crucial to proper adhesion, and can be achieved with fine grit sandpaper or a solvent wipe. ?

If EnviRestore Metal Stain Remover is used to restore the surface, a temporary protection will be applied to the surface. It is important that the temporary protection is removed through a solvent wipe.

If contaminants are not removed prior to use, the adhesion ability of Metal Protector may be compromised. Protect unintended surfaces. Always test in a small, inconspicuous area prior to application. Make sure all product residues are?completely?removed from the surface prior to the application of the Metal Protector.


Apply product with a sponge roller, paint brush or sprayer. This product is similar to the application of paint. This product can be diluted with water for spray applications.

For a highly polished and enhanced surface, apply product evenly to the surface using a fine mist sprayer such as a HPLV (High-Pressure, Low-Volume) sprayer. A fine sponge or paint brush can also be used but may leave brush strokes on the surface.

The coating will begin to cure within 15 minutes and will not fully cure for 48 hours. No liquids may come into contact with the surface during that time.


In most circumstances, protected metal surfaces can be cleaned using only deionized water.


The information provided by?Presto for the safe and?effective use of this product,?and all of our products, is?believed to be good and?accurate. However, due to the?many different possible?applications of this product,?careful considerations should?be made when selecting its?suitability for each surface.

The information provided?should never be substituted for?individual testing to ensure the?product’s compatibility with?each surface intended for use.?The purchaser shall assume all?responsibility for determining?the suitability of this product.?When used as intended, this?product will perform as stated.?No other warranty can be?made for this product, verbally?or written.

Presto warrants this product to?be free from defects. In the?event this product is found to?be defective, we will provide a?sufficient amount of product to?replace the defective product.


  • Metal Protector HD Product Data Sheet
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  • Metal Protector HD Material Safety Data?Sheet
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  • About Architectural Metal Restoration & Protection Brochure
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Purchase 1 Quart for $57.40

Purchase 12 Quart case For $688.50
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Prior to application of the?Metal Protector Series?products surface?preparation?or restoration is required by using the following products.?

  • Metal ReSurfacer?: Completely restores metal and anodized aluminum frames to their natural sheen without removing or damaging the protective coating; will remove beginning stages of corrosion, but will not remove pitting
  • EnviRestore? Metal Stain Remover:?Designed to safely and efficiently remove stains from anodized aluminum and aluminum composite materials while simultaneously installing temporary surface protection
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