Stone Restore HD

Stone Restore HD (Heavy Duty) is a concentrated stone restoration cleaner that removes stubborn mineral stains from all types of stone material such as concrete, precast, GFRC, cast stone, silica reinforced concrete, brick, block, mortars and even limestone and marble stones when diluted to 5-10% concentrations. This is a highly effective preparatory product for use previous to the application of stone sealers especially silicone sealers such as?Leach Stop. This product will remove rust stains, efflorescence, red clay stains,


This product is an alternative to straight muriatic acid. It contains a combination of environmentally friendly surfactants, builders, solvents and acids, which are developed for cleaning stone surfaces of all types. This product removes a thin layer of substrate at a molecular level in order to remove stains caused by rust, minerals, oxidation, corroding metals and more.

  • Removes efflorescence
  • Fast-acting
  • Eliminates rust stains
  • Eradicates red clay stains
  • Safe for brick and block
  • Fights stains caused by mold and mildew
  • Deep penetrating action
  • Safe on glass and anodized aluminum if used according to directions


Take special precautions when using any acidic cleaner. This product may cause etching on unprotected aluminum surfaces. Certain brick containing magnesium or other metals may turn green or brown when exposed to acidic cleaners.


This product is suitable for use on horizontal or vertical surfaces.?


2,000 to 20,000 feet per 5 gallon pail?depending on dilution rate.


This product is designed for use on most types of stone. Special precautions are required when using this product to clean limestone, marble or travertine.


We recommend the use of one of Presto's stone protective treatments to protect the newly restored surface for years:


  • Protective gear?
  • Running water?
  • Chemical sprayer?
  • Pressure washer (optional)?
  • Stone brush (optional)
Stone Restore HD Product Info Chart
Solvent Water Based
Flammable No
User Friendly No
Economically Efficient Yes
Environmentally Friendly No
Color Purple
Smell Unique


Protect unintended surfaces?from contact, including traffic?and pedestrian areas below the?project, electric tools, wood,?furniture, fixtures and plants.?Always test in a small, inconspicuous?area prior to use.


Stone Restore HD can be used?full strength or diluted. For?brick surfaces or final restorative?cleaning of rough limestone?surfaces, dilute cleaner 1?to 9 with water. For horizontal?concrete with stubborn red?clay stains, start by using a 1?to 1 mix, then dilute as?needed. Use undiluted to?remove efflorescence.


Wet intended surface prior to?application. Have running?water available to keep the?surface damp. Apply an even?coat of cleaner using a low pressure?(40 psi max.),?chemical-resistant sprayer.?Start at the bottom and work?the product upward, spreading?an even coat on the surface.?Keep area moistened with?Stone Restore HD to loosen?the soil. Immediately rinse?any unintended surfaces, such?as glass or frames.?

For deep stains, allow the?cleaner to penetrate the?substrate for 10-20 minutes,?but never allow surface to dry.?

After product has saturated?the stone, rinse using a?pressure washer and a white,?40-degree tip or a green, 25-?degree tip. Keep the tip as far?away from the surface as?possible. If a pressure washer?is not available, use a brush to?help loosen stubborn soils. For?best results, rinse with?heated, deionized water.?

Always rinse the area?thoroughly to ensure no?product is left behind. Multiple?applications may be required?for heavily soiled, porous or?absorbent surfaces, and?should be applied immediately?after the initial application.?Follow the same instructions?for each application.?

Situations including various?stone types or different?natured stains may require?multiple products. Presto’s?stone cleaning line includes:
  • Stone Restore? NC?For general cleaning of?sensitive stone surfaces that?require a neutral cleaner?
  • Stone Restore? A+?For heavy stains caused by?oil, grease, grime and?environmental pollution?
  • Stone Restore? CT?A multi-purpose stone?cleaner that removes a?variety of stains from all?types of stone material
  • Stone Restore? CB2?For difficult to remove?biological stains?
  • Stone Restore? PS?For stubborn surface?contamination on all types?of polished stone

Use as directed. Stone Restore?HD may cause discoloration on?stone surfaces or affect?adhesion of water repellants if?used incorrectly. Never let this?product dry on the surface.?May damage limestone or?travertine surfaces when used?undiluted.


The information provided by?Presto for the safe and?effective use of this product,?and all of our products, is?believed to be good and?accurate. However, due to the?many different possible?applications of this product,?careful considerations should?be made when selecting its?suitability for each surface.

The information provided?should never be substituted for?individual testing to ensure the?product’s compatibility with?each surface intended for use.?The purchaser shall assume all?responsibility for determining?the suitability of this product.?When used as intended, this?product will perform as stated.?No other warranty can be?made for this product, verbally?or written.

Presto warrants this product to?be free from defects. In the?event this product is found to?be defective, we will provide a?sufficient amount of product to?replace the defective product.


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